Charles Davis

Charles Davis has been photographing the amazing natural world around him for over a decade. Primarily focusing on Australian wildlife in and around his home in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Charles has a deep respect and love for the fauna of our country. The Davis family has owned a large sheep farm near Cooma, NSW, for six generations, and it is here that he finds much of the inspiration for his work. The knowledge and understanding gained about the Australian high country through generations of farming, hiking, and skiing, has been significant to understanding the animals and their habitats. Charles also spent many years travelling the world snowboarding, giving him the skills needed to travel safely through the mountains to places many never see. All of these life experiences have been pivotal to capturing the fantastic worlds seen in Charles’ photos.

The style of Charles’ work is a fine art approach, creating large, beautiful prints in very limited-edition sets. As the moments he captures are fleeting and never seen again, so too are the number of prints created. Central to Charles’ artistic inspiration are his two aunts and his grandfather, who are all highly regarded award-winning landscape painters.

His photos have been published in magazines, books and publications over the years. Charles has also filmed and worked on many major nature documentaries for the BBC, ABC, and National Geographic working with the likes of David Attenborough. Charles’ works have been sold to private collectors around the world and have won numerous awards, both Nationally and Internationally.